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What San Diego Yacht Owners Say About Us

"Hi Bill:  Your staff- everyone from the front office to management, the technicians and washers- are a cut above the industry. Your people are kind, friendly, smart efficient and responsive. Quite unlike the rest of the industry…. and I find myself transferring all my services, one by one, to your organization.   I am a small business owner and pride myself on providing similar service over the last 30 years.  I’m very fortunate for the people that work for me – I can see you have the same fortune and care deeply about your employees and business.  Boats are my obsession and taking great care of them is part of that.  I am very pleased to have the backing of your company. I hope you have a great Fourth of July — please thank everyone that works for you for all the great work they do!

Joseph M. Parker, Esq. San Diego, California


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