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Aquarius Yacht Services, Inc.

Aquarius is a full-service yacht maintenance company

Aquarius Yacht Maintenance Company was created in 1989 by myself, Bill Rocco and my wife, Yuki Rocco. We started initially as an underwater hull cleaning and topside boat washing business. Since this time, we have grown to become Aquarius Yacht Services, Inc., a full-service yacht maintenance company providing many services to our customers, and we have retained many of the same boat owners and customers for over 40 years.

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What San Diego Yacht Owners Say About Us

"Hi Bill:  Your staff- everyone from the front office to management, the technicians and washers- are a cut above the industry. Your people are kind, friendly, smart efficient and responsive. Quite unlike the rest of the industry…. and I find myself transferring all my services, one by one, to your organization.   I am a small business owner and pride myself on providing similar service over the last 30 years.  I’m very fortunate for the people that work for me – I can see you have the same fortune and care deeply about your employees and business.  Boats are my obsession and taking great care of them is part of that.  I am very pleased to have the backing of your company. I hope you have a great Fourth of July — please thank everyone that works for you for all the great work they do!

Joseph M. Parker, Esq. San Diego, California


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